The Strength Tarot!

Strength is the purest form of power, and you have it in some way. It's a very positive card if you are fighting an illness or recovering from an injury. As might be suspected, the influence it exerts on you, and the application you make of it, can trend towards light or dark. You are likely to face your problems courageously, head-on and overcoming them with determination and perseverance. In the face of the obstacles of life, however, comes the responsibility to control your own behavior. This card might be a signal to be in control of your actions and emotions before they harm you or those you love.In the Strength Tarot card depicted, a woman gently rubs the lion's jaw and forehead. Despite being known for its ferociousness, the woman has tamed the beast by calming and loving energy. Lions are a symbol of passions and desires. And in taming her, she demonstrates that the instincts of animals and their raw passion can be expressed in positive ways when inner strength and resilience are applied. She doesn't resort to coercion or force, she uses her internal strength for subduing and manage the lion. the white robe to show her purity of heart as well as the crown and belt are made of blossoms that symbolize the highest, most beautiful manifestation of nature. The crown of her head is the symbol of infinite, symbolizing her unlimited ability and wisdom. The Strength tarot card is the ninth Major Arcana card of the tarot deck and represents many aspects other than being a strong. It was once termed fortitude, and the meaning is clear from both illustration and title. Having a gallant spirit, maintaining composure while under stress, and working together with others and allowing mistakes to be made is all part of strength. When this card is revealed on your deck, it's certainly a message that having endurance and perseverance is essential to overcome some obstacles in your love life, career, or relationships. Are you ready to face the world wearing an disguise of strength? This Strength tarot card represents one of the arcana major cards that does exactly as it is stated on the Tin. The word "Strength" when appearing on the tarot reading, represents our personal strength. This can be physical strength or, more often, it is a reference to our emotional and internal strength. The strength tarot meaning is one of my favorites because it has a very powerful, positive energy that allows you to be confident that you are able to do the things that need to be done. It indicates that you possess the inner strength to conquer anything that's holding you back or creating pain or negative energy right now

strength tarot card meaning

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